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The Future of SOC Executive Boardroom

The Automated Security Operations Center with Right and Actionable Intelligence

The Future of SOC Executive Boardroom

It continues to be difficult to manage the cybersecurity talent war, analyst fatigue, providing relevant insights for all the stakeholders from boardroom to war-room and eventually staying ahead of the bad actors, all while protecting the enterprise. Mature organizations do not rely only on one threat intelligence feed but leverage multiple threat intelligence sources, to make sure they do not miss out on any threats. Small and medium enterprises need to be efficient with their resources and should have a very focused approach to prioritize their defenses on known threats targeting their industry. Navigating through the swarm of false positives continues to be a challenge for any analyst.

The real question is: what should I do to resolve the conundrum on these threat alerts? Should I “Block”, “No-Block” or “Auto Block”? Furthermore, over the years there has been a complete assimilation of SOAR and UEBA solutions in the overall SIEM ecosystem, and leveraging these capabilities helps handle threats both automatically and manually.

Cyber threat intelligence is a business-critical investment for SOC teams. In addition to providing the intelligence needed to make well-informed security decisions, CTI also provides the benefits to further reduce costs by allowing SOCs to use the overall ecosystem, including SOAR and UEBA components and resources more efficiently; lower the degree of risk by focusing on immediate and active threats in your industry; enhance threat hunting capabilities by hunting for the latest threats; maximize staff efficiency; fill in the gaps in defense; enrich visibility; receive up-to-date global threat intelligence; and ultimately, reduce the risk of data exfiltration.

Join us on this session to learn from your peers of leaders and experts to discuss and debate the challenges, discuss success stories and implementing strategies on growing your enterprises threat detection and response maturity.

Benefits of Attending


how you can connect the dots with Micro Focus CyberRes solutions

Learn about the focused cyber intelligence providing accurate, focused information for threat hunting tools and resources

Increase value and reduce the cost by implementing industry based or company dedicated threat intelligence with SOAR and UEBA capabilities

Discuss and debate how to measure ROI across four key areas: Revenue and cost optimization, improved service delivery, efficiency gains, and rapid workforce upskilling

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13st june 2023

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Ahmed Fouda
Ahmed Fouda
Omar Bozaidan
Omar Bozaidan
Alaa Khalid
Alaa Khalid

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OpenText | Cybersecurity helps customers accelerate trust, reliability, and survivability through times of adversity, crisis, and business volatility. Our software provides the critical tools needed to protect the business, detect across a changing risk surface, and evolve competencies for changing threats in hybrid, multi-cloud environments.


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